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We embarked on a journey of taking a blessed month that is over 1,400 years old and creating a digital yet peaceful experience whereby Muslims can enhance their Ramadan. Ramadan Legacy is a tool that allows Muslims to create, track and build their Ramadan Legacy. Imagine in five years time looking back to see what you felt and achieved five years ago, in Ramadan. It combines smart technology and beautiful design with spirituality and learning, all to help you organise your worship to make Ramadan easy and enjoyable.

Capture Your Ramadan Experience

Empowering Muslims to enhance their Ramadan and to continue the Barakah of Ramadan throughout time

Features of the Ramadan Legacy App

Ramadan Goals

Set your aspirations for Ramadan and the app will encourage you to achieve them


Record your emotions and thoughts

Ramadan Planner

A beautiful 30 day planner giving you a worshipping framework throughout Ramadan


Share your Ramadan stories with other users across the world

Legacy Board

Your Annual Ramadan experience and knowledge learned will be captured in a dynamic and elegant visual board

Knowledge Library

Learn about different topics from the knowledge library


Connect with your companions, encourage and motivate them to keep on track in Ramadan

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With over 100,000 users worldwide we would like to give 5 TOP TIPS on how to BEST use the ‪Ramadan Legacy mobile app 1) Review your progress so far. Open the app and look at your Ramadan Legacy board to see your worshipping in Ramadan so far. This will give you an indication of how well you are performing. 2) Set some time aside on a daily basis to learn the daily ayah, du’a and hadith within the planner section. We personally look at these several times a day so they stick in our mind. 3) Use the app as a tool to keep yourself in check for the month. Access the planner daily to review each fasting day on what you have managed to achieve and what you have yet to achieve each day. 4) Capture your best moments. Through journalling in the app, you will be able to reflect on the blessings and barakah you are experiencing within Ramadan and consciously remind you of the blessings of this month. This will in turn motivate you to do more. 5) Keep a track of your goals. Your legacy board shown the custom goals you have set for yourself. Review them daily so you can plan your worship and time in advance. You can also edit them through swiping left on the screen to edit your goals and simply them We hope insha’Allah the app is benefitting you greatly. Don’t fall trap to the mid Ramadan slump. Seek Allah’s guidance and help. With du’as, Ramadan Legacy Team.   P.S. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can download now... read more

Reform yourself in Ramadan

Ramadan is an opportunity for us to experience sympathy for those who are less fortunate as well as gratitude for all that Allah ﷻ has blessed us with.
So, let’s use this blessed and month as a means to gain the rewards and virtues of doing good.

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